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Lunchwaiste's Lugubrious Spite Rifle

Started by Ephriam Lunchwaiste, June 04, 2019, 07:12:15 PM

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Ephriam Lunchwaiste

Any commander worth his stripes will tell you that lady luck plays a decisive role on any battlefield- the best battle plans, the finest armaments and the most advanced war machines will be of little use to an army whom misfortune has favored. Now, the exceptional weapons-crafters of Lunchwaiste and Sons have harnessed misfortune itself in the Lugubrious Spite Rifle, a long-range hex-caster that can allow a skilled marksman to precisely strike a target up to 2,000 yards.

Once a target is in their sights, the marksman simply selects which misfortune they would like to inflict, and the target will very soon find itself the subject of strife, misery and woe. Precise mechanical insertion of a slender probe into the appropriate region of the A.H.P. (Anatomical Hoodoo Proxy) will guarantee the target suffers an appropriate fate, including Addlebrainedness, Infirmity of the Loins, Rhythmic Flatulence or even Forcible Spleen Evacuation.

von Corax

I shall recommend this weapon to Her Majesty's 3rd Blamethrower Brigade.
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By the Beans of Life do my thoughts acquire speed
My hands acquire a shaking
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By the power of caffeine do I set my mind in motion
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J. Wilhelm

Marvelous invention. I always had a problem directing misfortune to its intended target, and often I'd refrain from casting curses with my Malefice Slingshot out of fear of hitting innocent people. The ability to direct misfortune with pinpoint accuracy will be a great asset to anyone's arsenal.

This reminds me of the potential of Spirit Harvesters used as core engines for Poltergeist Cannons. Alas, Army researchers have been less than successful in taming the evil spirits, but I remain hopeful such a weapon could be used for greater firepower.


Ouch! I would surrender before being struck!


Ephriam Lunchwaiste

Thanks for pointing this out- it should be repaired now!


J. Wilhelm

I see two images on PC and Android running Mozilla.


Fabulous idea! Great execution too. Oh, the wonders of the modern age - once upon a time you'd have to look a person in the eye to hex them, now you can do it at a conveniently long distance to obviate any metaphysical fallout. Or physical fallout, for that matter (forceable spleen evacuation does sound like it could be rther messy...)


P.S. As you've probably surmised pictures are visible here (webkit based browser).


Indeed, well displayed in IE11. The issue consisted in the images permissions in Firefox... A bit twisted sometimes, the images management in Firefox. My apologies.