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Merry (or Wary) Krampus Day

Started by Gregor, December 05, 2019, 07:16:13 PM

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Merry Krampus Day all!

Any being going around giving bratty, noisy, mis-behaving children their due punishments deserves a day in honor of said being's noble work. After all, if it were .  . .

Wait! Krampus can punish bratty, noisy, mis-behaving old men too!?!?  Oh crap.

I will be observing Wary Krampus Day today.  Guess I better get a large bottle of rum for the bribery uhh good-will gesture for tonight's visit.


P.S. for our European members - feel free to share any Krampus Day Parade injuries you may have earned   :o
Could somebody Pleeease explain to my mother that it is steam PUNK not steam PIMP!?!