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Help SavageCity Steampunk bring You what You Need! Tell us what You Want!

Started by SavageCity, March 31, 2020, 06:40:22 PM

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What do you Need to see more of?  

Men's Suits


We are a Brand New Brand, and we Cater to the Steampunk, the Goths, the Dieselpunks and the Weird West fanatics of the World!  Help us Give you what you Want and Need!  Visit us today and see what we are bringing to the table!

Premium merchandise at bargain prices!  Shop today!

Synistor 303


Loud and clear!  I will start looking for a reliable source of hats this very evening.


Edit:  We now have hats!  And that was a great suggestion on your behalf, because my millinery catalogue is now one of the stars of my entire catalogue.  Stop by and check it out.


"Stupidity is a curse with which even the Gods struggle in vain. Ignorance we can fix."


Interesting shop there. Some of the prices seem too low, are you sure they are entered correctly? Also, a pair of boots I looked at were sized up to 43. Is that metric? I don't know my metric size. Good looking gear, and your prompt replies on this thread bode well for your customer service! Well done, sir!

Apologies for not spotting your address in the original post.
"Stupidity is a curse with which even the Gods struggle in vain. Ignorance we can fix."


Thank you so much for your kind words; the sizes are metric on some of my items; I have to google a size chart converter myself.  And the prices are all correct!