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My Novel is on Kickstarter

Started by OliverCorn, June 02, 2020, 06:38:11 AM

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Hi All,

   If anyone is interested, I have put my novel up on kickstarter.  Things are going well, and I'm pretty excited with the progress.

I appreciate all your interest and support!


Excerpt from the book (still in rough draft form):
At nine o'clock in the evening, a natural quietness fell over London. Dinner finished, children in bed, adults started to prepare for bed themselves. Fredrick sat in a wooden chair – not very comfortably – and absently wondered why the hotel management didn't provide a more serviceable place to sit for the long night hours. The clerk pushed the thought aside and continued reading the evening edition of the Times. He nearly fell out of the uncomfortable chair when a sharp ding rudely interrupted the silence.

Standing up, Fredrick put his newspaper down and looked around the lobby of the Golden Lion Hotel in some surprise as he had not noticed anyone entering. His eyes darted over the luxurious interior, looking for the cause of the disturbance. They moved from the red brick fireplace, presently unlit due to the summer warmth, to the Corinthian leather chairs, across the fine Persian rug, and halted on the one out of place item – a small, filthy figure, a young boy with threadbare clothes, a cap with several holes in it, and a pair of goggles with one of the lenses missing – a street urchin – running for the door with the front desk bell in hand and a sound of glee escaping from his mouth.

"Oi!" Frederick yelled, "Come back you! I'll report you to the constable!" He wondered if threatening police action was a good tactic at getting this boy to stop. A reward maybe? Rewarded for stealing? Frederick shook these nonsense thoughts and went to action.

    Rushing around the lobby desk, newspaper flying, he ran towards the revolving door in quick pursuit of the scoff-law. Frederick hoped that no guest would be entering the lobby as it would be prove to be an embarrassing sight to see an employee of the prestigious Golden Lion Hotel running through its premise. But more than that, he didn't want the possibility of running into – literally – a guest and face the inevitable termination of his post that such a collision would cause.

As the little creature slipped outside, Frederick cried out again, "Oi! Stop!" This cry was no more effective than his first one. He passed through the revolving door and stood on the front step looking up and down the street. He thought - Should I be leaving my post to stop this little thief? How much trouble would a simple bell cause me? While thinking these things, he continued to look down the street and saw the little figure stop at the corner and return his gaze. Their eyes met. Freddie gave his most menacing glare – probably not too menacing, but enough to scare a little kid he figured – while the child, with large excited eyes, smiled, held out his hand with the bell on it and then with two quick slaps, rang it two times – a taunt!

"Oh that's it then!" Frederick said to himself, his outrage exploding at the cheek of this urchin. "You will be fortunate for me to turn you over to a constable if I get my hands on you!" he yelled as he leapt from the doorway and pursued in earnest this little thief. He didn't notice the man across the street in the shadows observing.