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Leeds Steampunk Virtual Market

Started by Frau Blucker, June 04, 2020, 11:41:13 AM

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Frau Blucker
Bored this weekend?
How about some online retail therapy?
Welcome to the monthly Leeds Steampunk Virtual Market!
Full rules are shown in the group and the questions MUST be answered on applying to join.
We are supporting a different charity on each event and asking everyone to make a small donation. Even if it's only £1 – there's over 700 members so far – this would make a huge difference to them at this difficult time.
This will be pinned in the announcements section of the feed.
There will be a coffee joust and we need more people to take part – get in touch with Paul the vicar who is hosting it online. email him at
You need to submit at least three videos of you doing a coffee dunk of your own – details are in the group. My husband Si has made mini medals for the 1st and 2nd place winners.
Customers: You will need to join the group in order to see everything including traders' posts of their wares.
Traders: I recommend opening the different graphics you want (which are uploaded as photos) on different tabs on your laptop, then leaving them there. Then when you go on to post from 11am on the Saturday or Sunday, they will be there ready.

There are now less categories than last time - if you find the graphics you are looking for are running away too far down the feed, click on photos and find it that way.

Do please share and invite your friends as Faceache won't let me invite anyone else!
.. steampunk for the masses not the classes.. ;)

Frau Blucker

Leeds Steampunk Virtual Market
Dates: 6th & 7th June, 11-5 each day
4th & 5th July, 11-5 each day
1st & 2nd August, 11-5 each day
5th & 6th September, 11-5 each day
Location: online, join the group here
Organiser: Myself t/a Leeds Steampunk Market (est 2011)
.. steampunk for the masses not the classes.. ;)