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Rushing's Rarities; Curious Curios and Graphic Designs

Started by Rushing's Rarities, September 22, 2020, 04:31:58 AM

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Rushing's Rarities

Over the past year and a half I have been getting more and more serious about my prop making and historically inspired design and illustration projects.

Rushing's Rarities and Designs has been around for several years now but these days I am going full steam ahead, pun intended.

Every October on Instagram, and subsequently on Facebook, I do what I call 31 Days of Halloween, where I post a prop or design project every day of the month of October, some of them are projects that I've done through out the year and some are done on the day of.

Because I have an abundance of free time this year, in conjunction with 31 Days of Halloween, I have decided to open a Patreon and offer many of my designs as rewards; the first month's digital download will be a PDF of vintage inspired medicine labels which can be applied to glass bottle or wire bail jars! I'm here to invite you all to follow me over on Instagram for the free posts, as well as to subscribe on Patreon for some digital assets that you can use for your personal projects and home decor!

Additionally, if you are in need of any design services, I am available for freelance work as well. I take commissions and will be listing some of the props for sale on my website.

Below are some examples of my creations.

Rushing's Rarities

For those interested, I have my first six 31 days of halloween posts scheduled to post on instagram. Three of them feature Victorian inspired label designs, one is a prop, one is a creature, and one is an anatomical diagram.

Go follow me to see them starting tomorrow! Rushing's Rarities Instagram