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Help needed for a new business

Started by Tom Snout, November 20, 2020, 04:41:37 PM

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Tom Snout

Hi all

I am wondering if I could get your help as the aficionados of Steampunk.

For the last 20yrs, I have worked in the arts and events but due to the recent global issues, I have found myself not only redundant from my job but also from a career I love, that for the time being no longer exists.
So I have decided to do something that I love just as much. Tinker!
I have always loved taking stuff apart, fixing it or repurposing it and combined with a love of history, shiny things and steampunk, decided to make a business out of it.
I have launched my Instagram, Facebook and Folksy pages and it would be really great to get thoughts from other people.

I don't just do Steampunk but my shop is here:

Sorry, I don't do hats I'm afraid (yet)  ;)