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Steampunk on Discord?

Started by Stormcat, February 26, 2021, 09:39:56 PM

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For those of you not in the know, Discord is a VoIP, instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities. Users communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called "servers." Servers are a collection of persistent chat rooms and voice chat channels.

Basically, a new-fangled way to meet people in this plague-stricken age.

The only thing is, to join most servers you have to be either added by a member or receive an invitation to join a server. Yes, there are public servers, but I'd rather not risk it. So, are there any good Steampunk-themed Servers on Discord?


I wouldn't call Discord a "new-fangled way". As you point out, it is just a free mashup of old types of communications - ICQ messaging, chatrooms, voice channels, etc - but with apps that work on current hardware. It is very popular with video gamers who want in-game chat with friends and don't want to have long term written conversations, because ... it's a chatroom. While you can pin posts that the community thinks is important, you don't really have discussion threads. Because of this, people don't search for conversations. They just reply to the last few posts, like people do on FB and other social media platforms.

Yes, I am on Discord. No, I don't now of steampunk-themed servers.

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