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I Swedish shipwreck mystery i need help with... (divingbell)

Started by mizzarrogh, April 18, 2022, 03:38:43 PM

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Unfortunately the person who wrote this did pass away a few years ago, it's in Swedish, but possibly it can be translated by the Google universal translator or something like that, if You have questions, fell free to ask me if You think there is something i could possibly give the answer for.

Here is the original unfortunately i could not find the actual original from the 1800, but I know it should be in the library magazine, however i suspect this is the whole article quoted in the blogpost above and nothing more to it than has already been written in the post:

The article describe the search for a steamship called "Gran" (Fir/Spruce tree in Swedish, it's the name of the island which is a small uninhabited (since the 1960s) island on the northern Swedish coast in the Baltic sea, it's a part of a group of 5 small islands but is a stand alone island from the others since it's a bit more remote located, back in time there was an old lighthouse on the islands north side, the building is not accessible to public, but one can see the outside of the remaining buildings.).

The boat was long time a mystery, but has been found by the local divers association quite recently, i don't think she is in a rescuable state anymore and too deep to dive with regular OW gear, so i have not been there in person, but she is definitely accessible for experience deepsea certified divers.

What i could not figure out is more exactly how this diving bell looked like, i really wish there would be some kind of picture of it since i so badly want to reconstruct a model of the scenario, it has been a dream for many years now since i first heard of it. I have done tons of research about old diving bells, and even asked the national maritime museum, but i newer managed to find anyting about it more than those few lines of text from the towns newspaper.

The stones from the cabin can still be seen on the old expedition site, i have been there many times but it was not until i red that old article i found out what it really was and the fascinating story around it!

Correction, Gran was another ship this ship was named "Umeå" after the swedish city with that name.


Here is more about the ship:

But, it is the diving bell i realy can't find anything more about.