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Wimmera Steampunk festival is multicultural

Started by Sorontar, April 24, 2022, 09:01:34 AM

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"The Dimboola Imaginarium itself is housed in an old National Bank building which was built in 1909. Inspired by an old photograph of the bank in its heyday, Mr Uoy saw the potential for a steampunk festival to re-imagine the accomplishments of the town in a more inclusive way.
"It's a fantastic, glorious photo that captured that moment in Dimboola's past," he said. "In that shot, 250 white male customers assembled in front of the building and in the windows.
But Mr Uoy said it was "glaringly obvious" that there were no women, Aboriginal Australians, or Chinese in the picture."
... He saw the steampunk festival as an opportunity to re-imagine history in a more inclusive way and invited the Nhill Karen Group, OASIS Wimmera, and the Filipino-Australian Club who performed dances and shared their cuisine."

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