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Twitpic image server at risk

Started by J. Wilhelm, November 07, 2022, 02:35:41 PM

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J. Wilhelm

Twitter Meltdown = Twitpic Server Loss = many images will be lost in BG

So, I know for most of you the potential meltdown of Twitter is not an issue, and perhaps a cause for celebration even! Unfortunately for most of my pictures I've posted since 2009, Twitpic, the image server associated with Twitter has been my repository for the photos I have on Brassgoggles.  I'm just letting you know in case you use a server related to Twitpic.

Given the speed at which Mr. Musk is destroying the platform, I wouldn't be surprised if by Christmas all of my pictures are gone. It may also affect others image server platforms, but I don't know. For the moment I've applied for an account on a competing platform known as Mastodon. Mastodon was created to be very similar to Twitter, except that the servers (called "instances") are created and maintained by various users, and they're distributed all over the world. Users can communicate with anyone in other "instances", and collectively they're know as the "Federated Universe, or "Fediverse."

Besides being distributed, each "instance" follows it's own set of moderation rules according to their local laws (for example, I applied to a science oriented community called "" in Germany, they obey German Internet law and set their own moderation rules).

I don't know how or if I can migrate my pictures to another image server, but don't be surprised if suddenly all my posts lose their graphics. Brassgoggles also stands to lose their two public announcement Twitter accounts, by the way and for whatever it's worth. I'll do my best to replace the images, but give the volume, it'll be very hard.

Let's hope I can collect my images  :-\