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UFO observations

Started by mizzarrogh, November 20, 2022, 09:24:03 PM

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Like those for example i linked to below (You can probably use a translator since i did not find any good English language site about those), if we imagine our self in a Queen Victoria (or Oscar II in Sweden) era of steampunk where things may (or may not) be a bit anachronistic compared to the actual word in the same era, i sometime for my imaginary worlds wonder about the consequences of things like technology exchange and perhaps cultural influences would be like if it was real but did happen earlier.

Since i living in the north i often try to imagine parts of the worlds in an arctic landscape covered with conifer forests (I imagine my steampunk world a a whole planet, like the earth).



In the 1940s a V2 rocked did accidentally hit a rural spot in southern Sweden.
(Despite being neutral, we did had a our fair share of various rockets, bombs and artillery, mainly from Russia and a few times Germany probably some British sabotage as well...  :) )
This is the "Bäckebo bomb" (A german V2 rocket which parts where sent to London for analyze after we had a look at it)

In the 1940s things like this where probably one explanation for the more reliable source of UFO observations.

(The problem i have in a SP scenario is that we don't have an explanation to use for existing technology after the 1800 even if it probably can be a bit stretched, but what interest me the most here is peoples reactions when they did found the parts and saved them as curiosity artifacts, in the 1940s this was really out of anything of normal human imagination in those areas. "Just a regular aircraft" was probably to be compared to our days spacecraft i think seen to how rare it was. But bi-propellant fuel rockets where not even known as working and actually built by anyone in full scale outside one or two small civil test ranges with like 1:10 skeleton models and top secret military projects test firing model "jump engines" (a miniature rocket made from the scaled down engine prototype fitted with fuel tanks on top in order to make it actually fly a short distance before recovering for analysis, like the German HW project) normal people never where even supposed to hear about until much later, in short words, modern "space rockets" as we know them today did not really become known to "everybody" until the early 1950s. (and the large scale project we associate with them today obviously not until the 1960s)).


Quote from: mizzarrogh on November 21, 2022, 10:00:39 AM
In the 1940s a V2 rocked did accidentally hit a rural spot in southern Sweden.
(Despite being neutral, we did had a our fair share of various rockets, bombs and artillery, mainly from Russia and a few times Germany probably some British sabotage as well...  :) )

I'm sorry, I'm boring. Well, for obvious reasons, I consider it my duty to clarify.... Not Russian, but Soviet. And as far as I know, according to some Swedish historians, according to the Swedes, during the Second World War, the Germans bombed Sweden ten times, the British — twelve, and the USSR is responsible for seven incidents.

You may have heard about the Tunguska meteorite. He was a little late for the Victorian era. However, I think in Russia the Victorian era lasted until the First World War. So, in modern popular culture, it is considered a common place that it was an alien spaceship.

And we also have a Space Search.

KOSMOPOISK is an international movement and an All-Russian public research association that explores little-studied, including cryptophysical, anomalous phenomena and other borderline and breakthrough directions in science for the subsequent application of the knowledge gained for the benefit of all Mankind.

MAIN AREAS OF ACTIVITY: cryptophysics (UFO, ufology, paleofology, anomalous phenomena, poltergeist, pyrokinesis, stalking, archeology), cryptozoology (troglodyte, yeti, bigfoot, bigfoot, chuchuna, monsters), history (archeology, local history), cosmonautics of the future (UFO-like apparatuses, star navigation, time machine, chrononautics, temporonautics, astronomy, cosmogony), popularization (including the creation of archives, special, reference and encyclopedic literature) and other areas of breakthrough research.

They are freaks (well, I think so as a layman), but they are serious, scientific freaks (at least their basis). And worthy of respect. They travel to mysterious places every year in the hope of meeting the "UNKNOWN". And they get disappointed every time. They are looking for the "UNKNOWN" with a scientific approach. And he is the destroyers for this kind of mysteries and riddles. But they believe that there is something somewhere.
Sorry for the errors, rudeness and stupidity. It's not me, this online translator. Really convenient?

Synistor 303

I saw a min min once. During the day. I was walking out in the bush (in central NT) and there was a little gibber clay-pan. When I stepped on it, an almost invisible blue flame shot up right in front of me making a strange hissing noise that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Frightened the life out of me and I ran all the way home...

Hurricane Annie

Many UFO sightings will be military experiments, research and trials of airborne craft. As far back as the 1800s the military were trialing airships for use in war time .

James Harrison

I'm reminded of the 'mystery airship' phenomenon of the 1880s and 1890s:

Of course, this was only very shortly before Count Zeppelin flew his first successful craft, and we should remember that airships date back well before the turn of the twentieth century, but still it's an interesting 'just-suppose' scenario. 
Persons intending to travel by open carriage should select a seat with their backs to the engine, by which means they will avoid the ashes emitted therefrom, that in travelling generally, but particularly through the tunnels, prove a great annoyance; the carriage farthest from the engine will in consequence be found the most desirable.


Quote from: morozow on November 21, 2022, 08:39:35 PM
Quote from: mizzarrogh on November 21, 2022, 10:00:39 AM

I am sorry my friend, i was refearing to "the Russian bomb incident", it was not my intention to throw dirt on the Russian Airforce, and it was probably an accident, i don't think it was in order to directly target civilian homes here, and after all no person got killed that ime... ha ha. In Norway the British sabotaged deffinitly killed uncomaprably more people than the others did all together (maybe except for the execution of the captured Norvegian resistance men, whis is a sad chapter, but i kind of understand from the Germans perspective it was them or their own men)  i think if we cont in sabotage, it's at elast for me a truly fachinating story to read about the Norvegian resistance forces who worked undercover for the British.

There is still one actual UFO incident in the North i suspect may be some kind of Russian experiment, if it realy was a rocket, it was not described as a traditional saucer either but a rocket shaped object with a pointy tip, and it was not a German rocket. Bu so far nothing has been found on the site, but it may with a good bit of luck just be burried deep in the mud on the lakebottom.

I just taught it would be hard to transform without early days radio communication in a steampunk environment even if it actualy did include small steamplants for generating electric power in the Norvegian montains.

(I obviously not believe in little green men in this world, but i like the idea of transforming ideas from the late 1940s a bit back in time, like using electric valves, spark transmitters and other things that would fit in, but there was a lot of experiments with early rocket concepts here in the 1890s, even if the breaktrou did not came until the late 1940s)

I trying to piece together stories for my Imaginary west railroad scenarious and i like to write short stories in the late winternights.
(i hawe not forgot about the dollhouse, i just need to gather energy to do things in the correct order and i am notorius for not taking pictures of work in progress whan i should... But my plan is to incorporate it in something, but probably a less dark wersion loosly inspired by the 1950s TV serie called "Vampiras Attic" i think and she need a flying saucer! Ha ha! I can swear i had an old rusty Chevrolet truck hubcap laying around somewhere whan i was a kid, but i couldn't fint it last time i wisited my fathers farm, but that thing had been almost perfect as it is with just minor modifications, me and my little brother used it as an improved space toy... Maybe not for the 1:12, but for say 1:22,5 (which i allredy use for the G scale trainsets in my summer garden railroad) i think it would possibly do if i find it...  ha ha)
(maybe i will publish some of them here once i am plesed with it and concider any of them finaly done, which probably newer will happen if i know my self since i tend to constantly change and improve things in them before i am even done with the story...  :D)


Maybe a bit off topic, but i currently working on an original radio telegraf set similar to the late 1920s.
I am pretty done with the receiver part, but i did not found parts for the transmitter yet, but i did piece together parts for a primitive copperline telegraf sounder (the clock mecanism is obviously way out of range, but i did stumble upon an original sounder whan i did research for the type of system Jake Von Slat did work on a few years ago, i remember he made some realy beautiful replicas of the 1912 horsebow sounder, i don't hawe the originasl battery, but it's not realy needed for that type of setup.)).

Hurricane Annie

New Zealand is an isolated island nation in the South Pacific ocean , with its own giant moat. It has the affect of making us a little insular and given to paranoia. On occasion our suspicious is found to be justified.  Recent world events have set our personal and group internal radars on high alert for global and state subterfuge.

Over the past year or so parts of the country have been subject to fly overs from unusual aircraft and flight patterns. Convoys of small planes of new and updated design,  appearing to the civilian eye to be on reconnaissance missions of the gulf.  Groups of older military plains and helicopter doing surveillance and loops  over urban scapes and back to base . Social media was a buzz with a hive of conspiracy and concern. What military experiments and information collecting were we being subject to... Were we being invaded by stealth... Who had the country been sold to...what  chem was n the trails...( popular theory being sedative gas , which is telling of the theorists of itself)

With great disappointment we were to learn the government had indeed been with holding defense force information . The new military planes ordered some years before had arrived and exercised  over the coast . Older planes were to be used in a final aerial display and the practicing was taking place  out from the central air base. The anti climax was too much for some, it's driven them further down the river of denial

It also reached the media that the new  affluent arrivals were buying up properties on the coastal enclaves and gulf islands.  Vicious airway fights were ensuing between  each other, their neighbours and the local council authority over building  and sharing of landing  spaces for private helicopter and jets.

I wait in anticipation for the first verified sighting of hybrid airship technologies. We may already have private and commercial small electric aircraft being given trial runs , from descriptions given of recent light aero craft sightings . We live in interesting and changing  times .