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Merry Christmas and Yuletide 2022 Everyone!

Started by J. Wilhelm, December 22, 2022, 10:47:36 PM

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J. Wilhelm

Ladies and gentlemen:

As the Yuletide and Winter settle in, may the season be full of happiness for you all!

******{{{{{{ MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE }}}}}}}*******

And when I write "all of you" I mean all! Happy St. Darwin Day!

Synistor 303

Have a Cool Yule! Told the kids to bring their jumpers - I am arking up the a/c so ours really will be cool.

Sir Henry

Merry Muletide Wishes to one and all!

And best of luck to our North American members - keep warm in the storm!
I speak in syllabubbles. They rise to the surface by the force of levity and pop out of my mouth unneeded and unheeded.
Cry "Have at!" and let's lick the togs of Waugh!
Arsed not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for tea.

von Corax

By the power of caffeine do I set my mind in motion
By the Beans of Life do my thoughts acquire speed
My hands acquire a shaking
The shaking becomes a warning
By the power of caffeine do I set my mind in motion
The Leverkusen Institute of Paleocybernetics is 5845 km from Reading

J. Wilhelm

James Harrison

Persons intending to travel by open carriage should select a seat with their backs to the engine, by which means they will avoid the ashes emitted therefrom, that in travelling generally, but particularly through the tunnels, prove a great annoyance; the carriage farthest from the engine will in consequence be found the most desirable.


Have a good one people!

Merry Christmas and a bloody prosperous New Year.


Stay safe.
Enjoy whatever it is you choose to do, or choose not to do.

And have a much, much better one.

Ken (Rockula).
The legs have fallen off my Victorian Lady...


Merry Xmas and holidays to those who are having it. May all of you be warm of heart, health and body and enjoy the times till 2023 commences.

Sorontar, Captain of 'The Aethereal Dancer'
Advisor to HM Engineers on matters aethereal, aeronautic and cosmographic

Cora Courcelle

You have to tread a fine line between avant-garde surrealism and getting yourself sectioned...