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Historical Posting Guidelines

Started by Siliconous Skumins, July 26, 2015, 10:20:58 PM

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Siliconous Skumins

This board is for the posting of REAL historical information and topics that are generally relevant to the eras in which Steampunk heavily borrows from - roughly 1800 to 1914. Although the aim is for Steampunk period-apropriate information, it is NOT necessary to be Steampunk related. It is also permitted for pre-1800 topics to be discussed if they are of general wide interest, curiosity value or information usefull for research.

While the scope of this board is for real history, it is understood that discussions may drift into "alternate history" - as long as the topics remain mostly within the realms of real history, they will be allowed. Any topics that are deemed to have strayed beyond acceptable, will be moved to the Metaphysical board by the moderators.

The moderators on this board will under most circumstances, first advise that a thread is going of topic before taking any remedial actions such as splitting a topic or moving to another board.

Moderation of this board is intended to be with a light touch to allow for a greater range of discussion, and the moderators will only step in when deemed necessary to keep the board on-track.
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