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Youtube videos about electric discharge tubes...

Started by mizzarrogh, May 17, 2023, 12:53:57 PM

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Today i did stumble upon this in my youtube recommendation list.

I hawe an old sprak coil pretty similar to that one, but from another company.
(No tubes yet...)

(Those can probably be substituted by a modern car engine spark coil, should be quite easy to hide inside some decoration i think, just be aware that an ignition spark coil can ge You a realy good kiss even if it is not deadly, same with some old types of discarge transformers even if they are old, newer use neon glow transformers or microvawe oven transformers, those are deadly!! )



20+ years ago I saw a bunch of Model T spark coils in a box in an antique shop for $25 each. I'm still kicking myself for not buying at least one.


Didn't the T-Ford engine had an interesting solution with a box containing 4 individual coils, if i am not wrong?  :)
One can still find them in dubious condition in that pricerange on some online action sites, but labeled as "unknown antiques" if one are looking around, at least where i live.