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Diod Tube question, can somebody help me out with this?

Started by mizzarrogh, July 03, 2023, 11:56:23 AM

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For a functional project, i need a cheap rectifier tube that can handle at least 3A and give out 5V continuously. (it is for another electric valve which need 3A DC and i want to try this for the eastetic reason so one can see the rectifier tube in operation was my plan). My budget for this is unfortunatly pretty low, so i looking for cheap but reliable tubes that are reasonably easy to obtain inside the EU or cheap to import.
Any suggestions?

J. Wilhelm

Just clarifying, any kind of rectifier (diode), tube or solid state will only give you the top half of an alternating waveform, so you will still need a current smoothing capacitor(s) to eventually get to a ripple-free DC voltage, yes?

Is this for a sound amplifier or radio circuit? There's a difference in desired behavior between the two general classes (tube/solid state). For guitar amplifiers, for example, voltages are above 300-400 V, and a voltage time lag in a tube diode is desired for tonal qualities.  For general power amplifiers, solid state diodes have many values starting with single digit voltage, and these have a better response (less time lag, no voltage drop, exponential voltage rise when crossing a voltage threshold).

Unfortunately haven't used Tube Rectifiers, ever, so I can't be of much help with designations. I've never seen tube amplifiers work at 5 V though.

For example, here's a discussion on the subject of low power rectifier tubes

von Corax

Perhaps if you could post a circuit diagram, or a link to one, we could advise you better.
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Nothing serious, i was just curious about if it could be done to DC feed a 5Ц4С from a tube rectifier as an experiment for a Hi Fi amplifier, but i did quickly run into other obvious problems with that particular tube... i stronlgy suspect in must hawe fully insulated ground on that one because of the strange construction whan i red the datasheets.

I know this can be done in a much, much easier way, but i just wanted to know if that would work.  :D


Honestly, i still really want to know this in theory how this exact question can be solved without using modern tecnology or silica.  :)