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Newly discovered Eldritch Horrors

Started by J. Wilhelm, September 11, 2023, 06:30:43 PM

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J. Wilhelm

I think it'd be fun to start a new thread on newly discovered Eldritch Horrors we find over time in the news and tabloids.

I expect most will be hoaxes, but every now and then legitimate scientists are dumbfounded by what they find.

To start the thread, I begin with the new "Golden Orb" living creature found at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Alaska, by scientists aboard the NOOA exploration vessel Okeanos.

Please watch:

What is it? Are they scientist's, no,  humanity's existence in peril?

It reminds me of the 1998 movie "Sphere." I wonder if the scientists can see their own reflection on the golden surface...


An alternative....

What gets me is they discover something never seen before then proceed to shove a robotic arm into the thing and make a whopping great hole and then hoover it up to take it away from its natural enviroment. If it was alive it most certainly isnt now. Thats science in action........ we don't understand it so let's potentially kill it so we can study it.

Will probably turn out to be a combination of microplastics, sanitary towels, wet wipes and dead whale sputum mixed with the dieing screams of coral from around the planet amalgamated into a singular glutinous golden blob of despair.

J. Wilhelm

There's also an uptick  with pseudo scientists making an appearance and making claims of superconductive materials and extraterrestrial life. We got a Mexican journalist and an American scientist presenting fake "alien mummies" inside the Mexican Congress as we speak.  It's plain absurd.