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Happy halloween

Started by rovingjack, October 31, 2023, 10:47:21 PM

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I've been alarmed at how many weirdos there are out there asking me "what are you wearing?" over the phone. I tell you it's just not safe to trick or treat by phone.
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We had a good number of spooks, witches and superheroes visiting last night (and some lame non-costume attempts). There weren't as many as other pre-pandemic numbers but that means more lollies left for us.

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von Corax

Now that I have a house, next year I'll need to get candy for Halloween. I should probably get some for the trick-or-treaters as well.
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By the power of caffeine do I set my mind in motion
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We are way too isolated down our street to get Trick or Treaters - also it is spring and the birds are singing and the flowers are flowering, so not really spooky vibes happening...


I live in a country where Halloween isn't a thing; October 31st is Reformation day and a national holiday.

Only happened one year that some kids came trick-or-treating.
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This year I saw exactly zero trick-or-treaters, including the two weekends before Halloween. After the pandemic, the number went down significantly. The only Halloween I saw, was the merchandise sold at the place where I work.