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What kind of pirate or non-pirate are you?

Started by Albrecht, May 17, 2008, 09:47:47 AM

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"Ta, darling!  I'll bring it back when I'm finished with it!
(If I'm not too drunk to remember where I got it.)

Cpt. Angel Carlson

I am a member of the Embari Courier service, we specialize in taking things into areas where there is bound to be danger, as such we are frequently hired on as body guards.


If I were to pirate, I would be a " Pyrate!" along the lines of one of GMF's  characters in that classic comedic novel. (I must admit that there is a certain appeal to Fraser's Bilbo)
However there are certain risks to the profession...

You never know what lonesome is , 'til you get to herdin' cows.

J. Williams Black

I'll confess that I took some of the money I conned out of several surly Texans due to an uncharacteristically loose definition of the word "cattle" in our contract plus the creative use of fences and invested it in blockade runners to harass the Yankee scum, though I would hardly qualify that as piracy. I would also hardly qualify as piracy the fact that due to the uncharacteristically vague definition of the phrase "safe return to port," I was able to sell several rivets and sheets of twisted metal washed up in Louisiana as full-fledged ironsides to the aforementioned scum. Of course when the War of Northern Aggression took a turn for the dismal, I avoided being conscripted into doing the Lord's work alongside our boys in gray due to an uncharacteristically loose definition of the word "disabled" and made my way from my family's plantation to London where the J. Williams Black Clinic for the Ethical Care & Treatment of Hysterical Women has easily doubled my fortune after I made the slight tactical error of funding that Serbian fellow rather than our own Mr. Edison. After all, when you've published a catalogue under a very convincing pseudonym detailing over 150 symptoms of female hysteria that makes no claim to be comprehensive, many womenfolk deem it best to be safer rather than sorrier. Indeed, after experiencing the healing magic of the hysterical paroxysm, my real proceeds come from repeat customers, yet that's hardly piracy.

Indeed, I challenge each and every one of you nay-saying scoundrels to find a single morally questionable aspect of my business dealings. Before I can legally permit you to examine them further, however, you'll need to sign this eight-page contract in which the word "liability" may have been defined uncharacteristically uselessly.

Have more than thou showest, Speak less than thou knowest,
Lend less than thou owest, Ride more than thou goest,
Learn more than thou trowest, Set less than thou throwest.

Silas P. Morgan

WOW...COOOl..... Pooh's Pyrate Adventure..... I drew that !.......

Two more....

And a picture of me....


I'm not a pirate, merely an avid researcher, writer, and archaeologist in pursuit of knowledge. Quite devoted to the pursuit of knowledge, actually. Turn me loose in a library and you'll keep me occupied for hours! Or possibly find me trying to pick the lock on a rare documents case; either way, I won't be causing trouble.  ;)

Mr. Morgan- Your comics are very amusing; do you by any chance have a deviantArt account?
It was a dark and stormy necromantic inflatable hippopotamus...


I'm not a pirate either, due to one of the local "alternative" bars (read as seedy harbour side dive) being nautically themed I've grown sick of all the "cool kids" and their piratey ways. To be fair I was never much of a pirate fan to begin with either, while I wouldn't say I would be totally law abiding I've got personal morals and codes that just don't mesh with piracy. ;D

Engineer/Librarian/Historian/General Tinkerer and Hoarder of Items, Books and Knowledge...I think that's about as accurate as I can define myself. :D

clockwork creation

i see myself as a gentleman with an obsesion with the macabre side of science :) sadly my pirate freind dropped a large coin in my tankard and i have been told im second in comand ... well i cant complain it never hurts to have something to do on a lazy day
I am a freak in control not a control freak

Interstellar Machine

I am not a pirate. I have a letter of marqu'. 

Herr Osgood Wyndham

Well I am not sure that I would describe myself as a pirate. I would rather term myself a dashing Gentleman Adventurer and a geographical as well as ethereal explorer with something of an interest in some as of now less acceptable scientificall ventures.


I'm a captian nemo of the air (a Robur, certainly). Up in the clouds and aether i am free from empire and oristicracy, able to be my own man.
I am a pirate sympathizer, for they prey upon those who hide behind flags and tyrants.
"There will always be a lost world for you here..." - Atterton

Your reality sir, is lies and balderdash and i am delighted to say i have no grasp of it whatsoever!

Professor Veritas

Not a pirate - but an ardent researcher into the strange and arcane...

with a night job as a Mad Scientist.   "Throw The Switch..."


Prof. Veritas


I was visiting a cousin in the country, happily going about my business, ridding through the fields when suddenly, quite shockingly, I was accosted by a select few members of an airship crew. I was abducted from the back of my horse and carried away into the sky, of all places!

These ruffians claim to be an airship crew "specializing in acquisitions." Apparently I was to be held for ransom or some such silly nonsense. Having recently lost their navigator they persisted in becoming hopelessly lost on numerous occasions. Being good at that sort of thing I continually managed to set them back on their merry way. It was then that I discovered I quite liked sailing about and so I stayed on as an airship navigator "specializing in acquisitions".

I do wonder, does that make me a pirate of sorts?


I'd like to think of myself as a sky pirate of the people.

Captain Helena Darvers of the airship Valkyrie at your service. *bows with a flourish*
'The beatings will continue until morale improves...'

Connor MacPhie

For some time, I plied the oceans in an electric submarine boat, with a small crew at my side. Some of our acts on the seas could be considered piracy by some...we regularly disrupted the traffic of the slave trade, opium and arms shipments, and when we could catch them in the act, ships preying upon unarmed merchants and passenger liners.

If the nations of the world refused to take action against such crimes, then we would.

Pirate, crusader, and madman with a technological terror...I have been called all these things. I see my crew and myself as having the means and fortitude to make a difference in this world, and we have chosen to do so.

I am currently overseeing the discreet construction of a new submersible that will incorporate some of the new technologies utilizing the ether. This new machine will truely be an Engine of Destruction. In my off time, I conduct my own research into the esoteric aspects of the ether.



One of me (I have many characters) is a naturalist, interested primarily in odd, unusual and fantastic zoology, paleontology and archeology. She is a specialist in zoology, both present and past, but particularly enjoys finding artifacts from ancient civilizations as well, and she has no qualms about picking up and keeping whatever she finds, regardless of whose property she may be on. She will use whatever transportation presents itself, and pirates are in more danger of being accosted by her than vice versa, as they will take her to places that reputable transports simply refuse to visit.

Another character is, in good times, a deck-hand on a traders' transport, sometimes by water, sometimes by air, sometimes crossing the metaphysical borders between worlds and realities. She works hard and honestly for whoever will pay her- she herself is not a pirate, though she has been employed by a few. In bad times, dock work ties her to land and she resents it greatly. Someone once taught her to sing, and someone else to handle a short sword, not well but enough to keep her alive. With that, and her travel experience, she plans to make her future as a trade-line drifter until she can take a permanent position as deck master or mapsman aboard a favorable vessel.
Every good "Why" deserves a "Why Not?"

fireheart storm

I am just a merchents Daughter that was stranded on an Island for a number of years, really, that's all.  Manners, what are thouse?  What's the problems with my Ankels?

Alternetivly, I'm a young Woman of a rather odd family who is rather odd in her self.  I mean, I just love the medieval era! :D

Connor MacPhie

Quote from: fireheart storm on February 08, 2009, 06:51:23 AM
I am just a merchents Daughter that was stranded on an Island for a number of years, really, that's all.  Manners, what are thouse?  What's the problems with my Ankels?

I think your ankels are just fine luv. ;-)


Myself, I'm just a former Bayou Marauder (mercenary unit; used to guard The Republic of Texas' border with the French colony of Louisiana) Nowadays, I'm mostly a banjo player and sometimes a privateer for the Republic.

My other self, who has signed on with the Boheme, an airship based in London, England, has never considered himself a pirate, even though many of his former mercenary comrades have turned thus. He is a deadly fighter in any kind of combat, a staunch ally, and a good officer, although he  is somewhat haunted by the loss of his first command, which perished with all hands save himself, who was thrown clear, during an airship duel.

Otherwise, he's relatively normal...

Kylen Phylar

As I can't seem to recall if I've posted in here, I'll say I'm a Peace Main who enjoys playing with the ladies and sometimes stealing here and there.
I am IM and PM Friendly! I like friends! Contact me!

fireheart storm

Quote from: Connor MacPhie on February 08, 2009, 07:56:18 AM
Quote from: fireheart storm on February 08, 2009, 06:51:23 AM
I am just a merchents Daughter that was stranded on an Island for a number of years, really, that's all.  Manners, what are thouse?  What's the problems with my Ankels?

I think your ankels are just fine luv. ;-)
Why thank you Sir, I can't see why people kick up a fuss about it. :P


I am an Adventurer-Merchant-Mercenary. Put in order of importance to me.
In smoggiest day, in sooted night
no ignorance shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship ignorance's might,
beware my power... Brass Goggles light!


Howdy mates,

Non-pirate here, although pirates do make interesting accomplices occasionally. I'm a time agent who works for the betterment of humankind and the prolonging of our species by defending against ancient and future terrors that lust to see us eaten, preferably alive (to put it mildly  :'().

The late 20th/early 21st centuries are just my vacationing zone, as I will be born sometime in the late 22nd century. This time period is my favorite time to visit in my off duty time (off duty, which is why I don't use my Agent title here on Brass Goggles usually) because it's the dawning of what will become the new world vision after the apocalypse of the late 21st century, after which all these computers and such will be scrap that will be reshaped by tinkerers with an affinity for clockwork, steam, and proper manners. :) Fortunately, after the incident with Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee, our fore-parents at Miskatonic had the wisdom to arrange access to the Yithian libraries at Pnakotus via the Pnakotus Exchange Program (PEP), which, like the Yithians, allowed them to foresee the coming apocalypse and safeguard Miskatonic's resources (as well as giving humanity a foothold in the theories of time travel), in exchange for which the PEP agents found an alternative future host species for the Yithians off our planet completely. (Hooray! Terra for Terrans!) In averting our own disaster, we inadvertently thwarted their plans to inhabit the coleopterous species that was to come after humankind's demise because their existence was prevented due to our time meddling and prolonging the lifespan of humanity several hundred thousand years longer than would have otherwise been. I work for an organization in the early 23rd century called Chrono-Dimensional Investigations (CDI), which will evolve from the remains of Miskatonic University when it's library and reliquary are moved to the Rocky Mountains to preserve them against the raising sea levels that will eventually flood Massachusetts and cause the dissolution of the Great University. Unfortunately I'm prevented by CDI regulations from visiting the eastern United States during parts of the timeline when Miskatonic is still around, or I would vacation there instead. A lamentation that is shared by most CDI agents. :( On the plus side, I do get free access to the city after which I've named myself and the libraries therein, but alas Yithians are poor conversationalists unless you're inhabiting one of their bodies, so I don't spend much time there unless there's actual research to be done. Oh well, things are much more interesting here in the early 2000's anyway. :D

The future is steamy,

Agent Pnakotus
"Tie two birds together,
and although they have four wings,
they cannot fly."


Hauptman Wulfgang Von Suriehl, formally of the Kaiser's Air Korp.  After a touch of trouble with while in the service I decided that it was time for a change in atmosphere.  I left the employ of the Kaiser with my airship (formally the Kaiser's airship) and have been an adventurer, if I had to put a name to it.  I've picked up a fairly solid crew along the way in the year since my departure.  We have currently set a course up the Nile in search of glory and riches.  Ok, maybe just the riches.  I wouldn't want the Kaiser's agents getting wind of my where abouts.  But if you are so inclined you can follow my story at   I've only just begun chronicling my adventures there.

Tinker J

Adventuring Jack-of-all-Trades here. Handy with weaponry, both utilizing them and creating them. Will work for anyone, for the right price. Tinker J's the name.