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Open-air gaslight museum, Berlin

Started by elShoggotho, May 28, 2008, 02:18:08 PM

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Berlin is still the city with the most gaslight in the whole of Europe, sporting 44,000 working street lights. Only fitting that we also have an open-air gaslight museum situated in a park.

What do you think, people? Another treat to visit Berlin?

Byron Cogsmith

I can think of 101 reasons to visit Berlin and that just adds to the list. Unfortunately my bank can think of 102 reasons whu I can't afford it at the minute. That does look very cool though, something to add to my must visit list.
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Der Tinkermann

Oh yes,and it is close to the Zoo as well  ;D


The Zoo AND the gaslight museum?!!!!
Why oh why do I not have the cash to go to Berlin!!!!



I was thinking of going to Berlin for a few days next week. It would be interesting to see this.
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