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Off Topic / Re: YET *EVEN* MORE things tha...
Last post by Cora Courcelle - Yesterday at 04:02:25 PM
Good news Admiral
Armoury / Re: Joining the band wagon and...
Last post by Cora Courcelle - Yesterday at 03:49:22 PM
And the returns process is absolutely impossible 😄
Congratulations 🧸
Off Topic / Re: Bird Box
Last post by The Bullet - Yesterday at 02:21:53 PM
They are moving in.
Armoury / Re: Joining the band wagon and...
Last post by Sorontar - Yesterday at 09:00:51 AM
Hope all goes well with the new construction of homo sapien. I hear the manufacturing is rather straightforward, but there is a lack of a user's manual.
Tactile / Re: That 'big project' I've be...
Last post by James Harrison - March 02, 2024, 04:44:55 PM
Well, things are still slowly moving forward;
1. I bought the copper mixer tap that matches the washbasin.  It's yet to arrive and I'm not entirely convinced that it hasn't gone missing in the mail, but we'll see.
2. I've found I can buy a copper bathtub/ shower mixer tap - we knew that anyway - but I've found somewhere that will sell me the exact same item for about half of what the first place I saw wants. 
3. Pointless buying the mixer tap without knowing what sort of bathtub I'm planning to use.  I want a roll top type but the only place it can go is where the current tub is - in a corner.  So that dictates a roll top type specifically designed for a corner, which narrows down the hand-wringing somewhat.  Of course, it's useless buying the tub until I'm actually ready to use it.  But I have a fair idea which one I'm going to go for.

I think point 3) taken in combination with the washstand (now happily ensconced in the bathroom) gives me the kernel of a concept for the space. 

At the moment that concept is built around the washstand, a corner bath, Edwardian-style floor tiles and flat metro wall tiles. 
Off Topic / Re: GAAAAAHHHHHH Mk.VI: The Re...
Last post by tosunpasha - March 02, 2024, 08:04:59 AM
Thanks for information
Metaphysical / Re: Steampunk desktop themes: ...
Last post by yereverluvinunclebert - March 01, 2024, 12:15:32 PM
The original widgets were written in javascript. They are packaged as a .widget which is just a zip file renamed.

You can unzip the contents to a folder and see the result. Just text files and images that can be edited with whichever editor you choose. You can see the individual images that comprise the widget and you could change things if you wanted.

The code in these widget being javascript is learnable but not simple but you'd get the idea if you cared to take a look. That is the beauty of FOSS code. It is all available. There was a time when I knew nothing about widget programming in .js but now I am competent.

VB6 is another matter, I am also competent but it is really rather a lot harder. I wouldn't go there...
Now, in return, please upload and link pictures of your desktop!

Metaphysical / Re: Steampunk desktop themes: ...
Last post by SeVeNeVeS - March 01, 2024, 11:59:48 AM
RESULT! thanks so much you absolute beauty.

Downloaded from DA and it works again.

I am trying to get more tech savvy, but honestly the majority like social media bores me to death.

Many thanks again for your patience and eforts, very much appreciated!
Metaphysical / Re: Steampunk desktop themes: ...
Last post by yereverluvinunclebert - March 01, 2024, 11:01:48 AM
I haven't used DA for a while as a user, the B@st@rds removed the download button unless you mark each item as "Download for Free" - now done.

There is a little download icon just below the image and above the title. You may need to be logged into DA in order to see it, I am unsure, as I said, I don't use it often these days.

Don't worry about not being tech savvy, though it does help these days to be more savvy, tech is here and it's coming faster!
Photography / Re: Rusted relics
Last post by chironex - March 01, 2024, 10:48:25 AM