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A brief description

The Brassgoggles forum is one of the most vibrant, interesting & above all legible places on the internet. It is a most gigantic melting pot of ideas - a place where the true geniuses of this century (& others) can show off their brilliance, insanity & generally let their hair down. Madcap contraptions, ætheric explosions, world domination plans & tea (milk with 2 sugars) seem to be pretty much the staple diet of this most wonderful of places! The forum is concerned with the "lighter side of steampunk" which is much to its credit as it encourages users to enjoy the subject & medium of discussion, as well as providing an excellent platform for users both new & old to present ideas & contraptions without fear of mockery or conflagration...

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Approach, ethos & regulation

As previously stated the BrassGoggles forum aims to concern itself with the lighter side of steampunk -- this means that by necessity it remains largely apolitical -- but as has been pointed out on countless occasions, there are thousands upon thousands of places where one may discuss the matter & so there is no loss. It has generally been considered a wise move, as it leads to a situation where the forum may fulfill its purpose without falling into large never-ending arguments (flamewars as known in the ætheric tongue).

Forum members are also asked to refrain from the discussion of modern firearms or religion for much the same reasons as politics.