Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct for the Brass Goggles Wiki

These are the basic rules and policies for the Brass Goggles wiki. If you have any suggestions for changes or additions to these rules, put them in the Community Portal.

The main underlying rule is Wheaton's Rule:

  • Don't be a dick

This means various things, including:

  • Be polite
  • Don't promote political or religious ideology
  • No racism, sexism or any other behaviour that discriminates between people

The editing rules are broken into two sections - general pages and pages about specific people or projects, like personas, roleplaying or stories.

Editing General pages

  • As wiki, pages can be be edited by anyone.
  • It is more polite to edit when logged into a wiki account than being anonymous.
  • The content of pages must have some clear link to steampunk or the steampunk community.
  • This wiki cannot be used to advertise products or services.
  • This wiki cannot be used for profit.
  • This wiki cannot be used as a large scale storage archive of images, files or other content.
  • Avoid including links to pages outside of this wiki.
  • It is fine to link to threads on the Brass Goggles forum.

Editing pages about people & projects

  • If isn't about you or your project, then you are probably not who should be writing about it.
  • It is fine to clarify, format or clean any page.
  • If there are multiple pages about a project, then make sure there is some connection between the pages, like a category or wiki link.

Creating pages

  • Keep page titles simple and without punctuation.
  • Stick to singular nouns when you can, e.g. airship, not airships
  • If there is already a page on a topic, edit that instead or add a link to that page on your new one.