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Welcome to the Brass Goggles wiki

A collection of intertwining informative inputs

Hello, everyone! This is your friendly Forum Administrator Prof Darwin Prætorius von Corax, popping in to introduce the new Steampunk Wiki at Brass Goggles!

This wiki is a collection of pages containing information and indexes relating to topics and areas of steampunk. Many of them link to the discussions and creations on the Brass Goggles forum and the people there, especially those who write or roleplay within the forum.

As this is a wiki, you are welcome to add your own pages or improve those already written. Just make sure you are polite and follow the wiki's guidelines and rules. The content must relate to the steampunk theme in some way. Start exploring, maybe from a random page.

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Creating New Pages

To create a new page, you can do one of two things:

  • Link to your page from another page, by typing [[title of your page here]], then clicking upon the link.
  • Type in the title of your page in the search box, click "Go", then click the text that says "this exact title" upon the resulting page.
  • If you are out of ideas for new pages to create, or just feel like being helpful, check out the requests page to see what needs writing.

Read the Help page or User's Guide for other usage and configuration help.