The Steampunk Archetype Fashion Guide

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A collection of fashion for reference and inspiration.

Steampunk Lady

Examples by Stella Gaslight

Green Traveling Dress

The Wormwood Gown

Lady in Gray

Steampunk Gentleman

Examples by MPsy

Grey Vest

Inspector Fogg

Male Steampunk Tinkerer

Female Steampunk Tinkerer

Agatha Heterodyne

Male Airship Pyrate

Female Airship Pyrate

Example by Stella Gaslight

The Captain

Tales from the Neverending Story's Fly Girl character

Male Steampunk Adventurer

Female Steampunk Adventurer

Example by Stella Gaslight

The Hunter Seeking


Male Steampunk Mad Scientist

Female Steampunk Mad Scientist

Example by Stella Gaslight

The Evil Cupcake.

Male Steampunk time traveler

Female Steampunk time traveler

Example by Stella Gaslight

The Key Keeper

Male Steampunk Other

Example by MPsy


Female Steampunk Other

Example by Stella Gaslight

Steamed Lobster

[flyawaylobster.jpg The Dreaded Sky Lobster]

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