With a Flick Of My Wrist

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Flick of my wrist is a multiplayer game where each player continues the story of the previous author by describing how a challenge was solved with "a flick of the wrist" and then telling how this led to yet another challenge. A steampunk community will relate the challenge and/or the solution to steampunk scenarios and circumstances.

For instance:

Author 1: I found myself confronted by the robot-controlled locomotive leaving the tracks and hurtling towards the Earl's step-mother.

Author 2: With a flick of my wrist, I tossed my snuff box towards the station clock. It hit the hour hand, knocking it down to 4pm. The mechanical monster that glared at us from the cabin of the approaching train could see this, and reacted instantly, stopping the train, for deep in its inner workings was the knowledge that all must have a break when it is afternoon tea time. Unfortunately, we were now the hosts and would have to entertain it!